Resort Sorpesee

Project Specifications

Development Company Sorpesee

Sorpesee, Germany

30 hectares

Total investment of:
40 million

Role M2RedBeech:
Development of two concepts for a premium resort and a nature and adventure park

Concepts finalized

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The project
Lake Sorpesee is located in the Hochsauerland region of Germany, an attractive tourist area where there are plans to develop a resort directly on the lake. Two leisure concepts were developed by M2RedBeech: a premium resort and a nature and adventure park.

The details
Each concept has a high density of accommodation of different sizes and types. For both resorts, the central facilities have an emphasis on gastronomy and wellness. Various activities are available in the immediate area, such as water, nature, golf clubs and attractive events and attractions.

Our role
M2RedBeech created two complete concepts with concept descriptions, program descriptions, investment budgets and operating budgets. The concepts were presented to the client and the community. At this moment the project is searching for investors.