The Mechelerhof

Project Specifications

De Mechelerhof Exploitatie B.V.

Mechelen, Zuid-Limburg, The Netherlands

7 hectares (82 apartments)

Total investment of:

Role M2RedBeech:
Management van de Exploitatie B.V.


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The project
Mechelerhof is a small park in the hilly landscape of Geuldal in South Limburg, built in 1993. It is a quiet and spacious holiday park on the sunniest slopes of the Kleeberg, with an area of about 7 hectares. It has 82 recreational apartments.

The details
M2RedBeech is responsible for the project management and the operation of the Mechelerhof park for a period of two years. The complete rental organization is provided by M2RedBeech, including the development of a new website and reservation system, as well as executing sales and marketing activities. A master plan was also prepared in collaboration with various parties for the redevelopment of the main building.

Our role
M2RedBeech will be in charge of the operations of the resort to ensure the best operational results, and involved in project management through continuous improvement of marketing and sales activities.