Eifel Resort Falkenlay

Project Specifications

Falkenlay Holding BV

Bad Bertrich, Eiffel, Germany

350 residences, 50 apartments

Role M2RedBeech:
Project coordination and program management

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The project
Falkenlay Holding BV (VDL Participations BV, ARobben BV and Oad/Falkenlay Group BV) has bought 48 ha of ground for the realization of the 4-5 stars Eifel resort Falkenlay, in Bad Bertrich, located in Eifel in Germany. The piece of ground is located on a plateau 250 meters above Spa & Wellness Bad Bertrich. Therefore, the resort shall be reachable through a cableway.

The details
The resort will consist out of approximately 350 residences and 50 apartments, equal to 2.000m2. Eifel resort Falkenlay will consist out of three ‘districts’: Moselblick will have 100 luxurious and spacious villas. Oase der Ruhe will also have 100 residences of which some will be jointed. These villas will be suitable for multiple families and groups. The third district, Erlebnis, will have a mix of 100 residences and 50 hotel apartments close to the central facilities. As for the central facilities, it is planned to build a reception, swimming pool, spa, supermarket, bakery, bike rental, grand café restaurant, kiosk and a wine tasting bar.

Our role
M2RedBeech is responsible for the project coordination and program management in order to realize and structure the whole project. As for the program management, M2RedBeech will set up a master plan which will form the base for a business model, advising with the selling and rental strategy and make proposals with regard to the design, concept en program of requests (infrastructure, residences, central facilities and environment decoration). The project coordination will be concerned with supervision on setting up the contracts, documents of release, the control and supervision on the quality of execution and giving advice on technical, maintenance and operational aspects.

The results
Since Oad has been declared bankrupt there has been a search for a new participant/investor for the realization of the project. It is expected that in 2016 the construction of the first phase will be initialized.