Luxury resort Coral Estate

Project Specifications

Coral Estate NV / Oasis Parcs Rentals

South Coast of Curaçao, Dutch Antilles

400 ha (circa 350 villas) including the Coral Estate Centre with various facilities and studios

Role M2RedBeech:
Advising on the redevelopment of the centre of Coral Estate. Rental exploitation of accommodations under our premium label Parcs Oasis.

Coral Estate Centre is complete since summer 2016.

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Coral Estate is a luxury resort located in the middle of a beautiful landscape on the idyllic South coast of Curaçao. A unique and luxurious resort, away from the tourist crowds. Directly in front of the resort is the best snorkeling and diving in Curaçao; Rif St. Marie.

Coral Estate is the only resort on Curaçao with a long coastal strip along the sky-blue Caribbean Sea. Almost all the villas and studios have a beautiful view of the sea. Coral Estate Centre is the beating heart of the resort. The center offers luxurious facilities, including infinity pool, beautiful and luxurious spa and wellness facilities, a diving center, a rooftop bar ‘Coral’ and a restaurant ‘Character’.

M2RedBeech has provided advice with regard to the improvements of the center of the resort. Furthermore we manage the complete rental operations of Coral Estate. In the future we will develop building plans for several locations on the park where new villas could be realized.