We are specialised in consultancy in the (European) holiday home market and primarily focused on small to medium sized holiday parks. From in-depth market research, detailed business plans and feasibility studies on holiday concepts to advise on operations and program management for realisation of a holiday park. We help holiday park owners to increase their businesses and to be(come) a healthy company. We offer our expertise and experience in these very specialist markets to provide our clients with a strategic advantage.

If needed we can deliver interim management in any work field related to the holiday parks market. If you wish to have advice for just a part of the organisation, structuring new operations or need project coordination, M2RedBeech will provide the level of support you need and aims to achieve your goals.


Besides consultancy we have particular knowledge in the development of small to medium sized holiday parks and accommodations in the (European) holiday home industry. There are many aspects to consider when starting and running a business. With our years of experience we are positive that we can assist you with all sorts of development projects. We can support projects at any time, regardless of what phase the park is. Whether it is an already existing site or just an idea, we help reach your final destination in the most efficient and sustainable way.

As a client, you can be involved in the development or leave it completely to us. We work the way you like to do business. We identify the areas of improvement or opportunity and design a plan and program. We make sure that your goals are reached in time and within budget. Our cooperation is for the long term. A development cooperation can turn into an operation collaboration. So we are a developer that will stay with you! Furthermore we care about the community and are focused on sustainability. We relieve you from any worries.


Additionally we are able to assist you in all aspects of the operations of a small to mid-sized holiday park. Operations are all the tasks and processes that come in place when running a business. These can be overwhelming and difficult to align. We can support you with all the procedures that need to be realized. For example we can help in the start-up of a holiday park with pre-opening management services, such as training and standardizing processes. As well as in an existing company and within a specific area of your park, such as sales and marketing. With our years of practice and understanding of the industry we give you the best possible organizational solutions. We make sure that your guests will have a carefree holiday and help you create the most beautiful memories.

In case you are not sure if you want to continue the operations, we also arrange acquisition and could operate the park (partly by) our own management. When we do this we can search for the right brand/label for your park to revive your business and make it profitable and sustainable.


Do you have the feeling you’re missing out on chances with regard to your exploitation? We can assist you in marketing of your accommodations and help to make your park more noticed and enable your accommodations to be booked. For us, marketing is a broad term. One of the things we could do for you is to determine the pricing of your residences. Or we could help by setting up and implementing a social media strategy and selecting distribution channels (tour operators etc.). Besides that, online marketing is one of our most important services. Think of setting up a own database, Google AdWord campaigns, e-mail campaigns and report of analyses. Determining the identity of your company enables you to be more distinguishing and position yourself in relation to competition.

In order to handle all bookings as efficient and effective as possible, it is required that there is a sooth integration with your reservation system and website. Do you own a premium holiday homes park? We could include your holiday homes park to the premium label Oasis Parcs. Of course it is possible to have partnerships with other operators. With the marketing help of M2RedBeech you will increase your brand awareness, create more conversions and you will be able to be better reachable for your (potential) guests.